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Who we are

We are an architectural team who started working 20 years ago in Argentina developing both social projects in sub-urban áreas as architectural designs in midtowns. Then we move to Spain and have completed our education with some master programs in management to complete a more transversal profile. For the last 15 years, we have worked in big urban and real estate projects focused in urban integrative social housing, and handling innovation projects on regard of renewable energies and new materials incorporation in evolving construction systems.

In the last 5 we worked on several international projects in Europe and South America both with public institutions and private organizations to design and supervise urban renewal and social integration programs like Sustainable and Competitive Cities of Findeter and IFC (WB), or the Program evaluation for the consolidation of social housing and territorial development policies of DNP-BID, both in Colombia.

Finally, after a PhD on Smart-Cities, we develope a new methodology to asses Smart-Cities strategies, but focusing in the citizen and their needs in order to guarantee quality of life in urban spaces.

Our philosophy

Working as a collaborative platform and with the innovation in our DNA, the company’s mission is to provide support in all actions carried out in cities and their immediate environment, supporting our clients in the development of architectural and urban projects, as well as in processes that involve the application of new methodologies or systems for urban regeneration.

Through innovative proposals to generate socially sustainable urban environments we seek to resolve the relationship of people with their immediate environment: the city, incorporatig new methodologies, technologies and systems to improve the quality of life of citizens with a conscious commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Pablo Branchi - SUR

Pablo Branchi

Architect by the University of Morón (Argentina) in 1999. After being granted with a scholarship by the AECI for an exchange program in 1998 at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, he moved definitively to Navarra (Spain) in 2001.

+ about Pablo Branchi

Lorena Borquez - SUR

Lorena Borquez

Architect by the University of Morón (Argentina) in 1999, she was awarded with scholarship by the AECI in 1998 for a stay at the University of Valladolid, and moved definitively to Navarra (Spain) in 2001.

+ about Lorena Borquez


UPNA – Institute of Smart Cities
Design, analysis, implementation and optimization of intelligent environments.

IAS Gestión
Real estate project management and development

Latam Gestión
Real estate projects for housing, industrial parks, tertiary sector and energy.

Licita Abogados
Team of attorneys specialized in public contracting, urban planning and property management.

Jesús Odériz
Consultant in real estate investment in Spain and United Kingdom.

DG Arquitectura
Architecture and engineering.

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